Dr. Igor Itzelf


Dr. Igor Itzelf (AKA:”The Professor) is the grandson of little known German wrestling great, Der Uberman.  As he grew up he became bored with the global accolades that his multiple PhDs brought him, and at the prompting of his less-talented Med School Classmate, Douglas Houser, took upon himself to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather.  He studied fighting styles from video games around the world and worked on a genetics modification program to create the perfect wrestler.  Rather than experiment on himself, he chose to experiment on those more expendable (Read: anyone else). 

- His first creation, Entropy, we the genetic mutation combination of 2 men, with the superhuman strength of two men. 

-His second Creation, Cataclysm, was ultimately a failure.  His feline DNA splice made him too unruly and unpredictable.  Sadly, Dr. Itzelf, had him neutered and sent him to live with a 73 year old widow in Parsippany.

-His third creation, Black Cat, was already known to the FUW, and it came as a great surprise to fans to find out that he was one of Dr. Itzelf s Creations.

-His fourth creation, the Gemini twins (Castor and Pollux) were the flip side of Entropy.  They were one good wrestler genetically divided and transmuted into two better wrestlers. Eventually one of the twins suffered cerebral de-evolution and believed himself a petty thief (see: Klepto) and the tag team duo had to be retired.

Through his experimentation, Dr. Itzelf was able to develop the Super-Pseudo- Psycho-Electrolytic Compound.   A fluid that he would imbibe that would give him a short burst of physical and martial enhancement, which he would use to great effect in the ring.

For a short time, Dr. Itzelf wrestled (in his grandfathers wrestling uniform) for the FUW alongside his creations (and sometimes against them, when they would go astray) but ultimately, he found his niche in the FUW as color commentator alongside Ric Bear. Though as with all wrestling retirements, he would occasionally be called upon to enter the ring. 

Dr. Igor Itzelf currently lives in an undisclosed location with his genetically enhanced Birthing Surrogate and is reported to be training his fourth and fifth creations.


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