Entropy was born sometime around October 31, 1998, crafted in a hurry
by Dr. Igor Itzelf so that the good doctor would have someone to
subdue to overly-smiley Carlson Mann at the landmark FUW Event,
"Halloween Hellfire."  Though Dr. Itzelf's methods were sound, and
Entropy indeed possessed amazing superhuman strength and sloth-like
reflexes, Dr. Itzelf failed to craft an appropriately terrifying
demeanor.  Thus, before long, Entropy revealed to FUW and the rest of
the world that he possessed a suspicious English accent, and was
polite to a fault to nearly everyone.  Everyone, that is, except fat
chicks.  Entropy, as you well know, was, is, and always shall be 100%
against fat chicks, unlike some of these other candidates for FUW

After a knock-down, drag-out, whirlwind blitzkrieg slobberknocker
inferno of a bowling-shoe ugly beginning, Entropy ascended
instantaneously to the top of the heavyweight roster, both out of
virtue of being the only actual heavyweight in the FUW and everyone
else having to work that night, and politely annihilated "Little
Bitch" Johnson to win the heavyweight title.  After difficultly
defending it against "Point Blank" Mark Andrews and not-defending it
in an 8-man tag match, Entropy fell victim to the machinations of the
FUW as a whole, and found himself utterly humiliated by VJT.  Broken,
but not dead, Entropy clawed his way back into the realm of top-tier
wrestlers through a real-life, wait, or was it scripted, relationship
with Bondage, only to have her betray him in a mask vs. mask re-match
with VJT.  Now humiliated in addition to being broken, Entropy found
himself stripped of his mask, and forced into the servitude of the
powerful Fun Lovin' Criminals (who, incidentally, cared very little
for fun).  Growing his sideburns out of a sense of rebellion
accomplished little, and Entropy foundered, moving from heavyweight
title contender to UBN title contender to ring crew contender to ring
rat contender.

As his indentured servitude wore on, however, Entropy came to realize
something very important: even though he was the slave of the Fun
Lovin' Criminals, the toughest man in the fight still always wins.
His hardcore rules re-match with VJT for his freedom proved a stunning
success, despite VJT hitting him in the ear with a fucking frying pan.
 Holy shit, I can still feel it.  Err, he can still feel it.

Entropy's extracurricular battles with Ric Bear became the stuff of
very boring legend, even though they were never consummated, if you
will, at a live FUW show.  But there was no doubt that their three
matches showed the best and the worst, the beginning and the end, and
the accidents and more horrible accidents of FUW.  Their series of
legendary battles ended with Entropy losing three matches straight,
which ... hey, wait a second.  THREE MATCHES STRAIGHT?  ENTROPY

Though victory came sporadically to Entropy throughout the remainder
of FUW, including a remarkable victory over Big Daddy for the UBN belt
and an equally remarkable loss to Zero's devastating roll-up, he never
dreamed that he would recapture his glory days.  Then, just when all
hoped seemed lost, Bondage came barreling through the mists of time to
renew her vows with Entropy, reminding him that she had truly loved
him all along, and that she had never once even so much as hit him,
after all those times she hit him.  Unfortunately, it was all a clever
ruse to get Entropy to sign a marriage vs. divorce match with Bondage,
with the loser bearing the additional stipulation of becoming Disco
Stu's cowboy man-servant.  After a series of clotheslines from the
entire FUW lockerroom, Entropy found himself defeated by Bondage,
Disco Stu, FUW, and life in general, and vowed to never lace up his
boots again.  Unless Disco Stu needs more beer, in which case he will
go get that right now, master.

Ultimately, Entropy hopes to be remembered for two things.  One, an
unswerving loyalty to entertaining the fans, even when the fans only
really came to see Scrubby the Janitor.  And two, that totally sweet
submission hold that he only really got to use the right way once.
But oh man, did Thee Anjel ever sell the bejeezus out of that thing.


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