Hardcore Badass


The Toughtown native and lover of the old school wrestling style was signed to FUW in April '99.  During that time, he used flashy moves and weapons to impress crowds and his peers.  Once he felt he'd earned his place, he dropped the work ethic and wrestled the rest of his FUW career with a more comfortable, old school, "less is more" mentality.  "Why should I do all the work when I've got my trusty Goon Squad at ringside?"  Hardcore was known for his knack of bringing submission holds rarely seen in the U.S. to FUW and his "I hate what you like and like what you hate" interviews.  His last match saw him pinned by Roadrage in Rage's title win at D2D5.  Career highlights include notable feuds with Zero, Inkast, The Fun Lovin' Criminals and Big Daddy; winning both a tournament and a battle royal; taking Heel of the Year at the Affies; and capturing all the singles championships.  Today Hardcore resides in Chicago, is married, and works a desk job.  He still manages to take in hours of wrestling each week.  This interview is most certainly over.


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