D.J. Luke Warm

At December to Dismember 2 you saw fantastic and memorable matches like Zero vs. Dre, Big Daddy vs. Skitzo Johnny, and "Black Cat" Juke Williams vs. Violent JT.  The man responsible for the music that helped make that evening unforgettable was a young Charleston native named Lucas Thomas, better known now as former FUW Tag Team and Turn Table Champion DJ Lukewarm.

Fans remember DJ Lukewarm for his dare devil style, incredible dives to the outside, awesome entrance music, and his shiny vinyl pants.  Despite weighing in at 138 lbs., his kamikaze offense shortened the careers of larger opponents like the Backwoods Beast and Johnny Walker.  His greatest success came when he and Super Tito Guererro Jr. teamed up to form Luke-a-Libre, launching their careers as well as Jodi's, and ultimately capturing the FUW Tag Team Championships at High Stakes at Tri-Lakes. 

After Luke-a-Libre lost the tag straps to Rhythm & Funk at the Aquarium, DJ had a brief but very enjoyable series of matches with Triple-X when they kept meeting each other in tournaments.  Trips bested Lukewarm at the Aquarium with the use of a powerbomb through a table, but DJ won the encore in Peoria after impressively hoisting the porn star who had 100 lbs on him up in the Turn Table, an airplane spin into a Death Valley Bomb.  In the next round, Lukewarm would fall to eventual tournament winner Mr. Vecellio, but fans most remember the visual of the blood pouring from DJ's mouth and nose afterward.

After being one of the only performers to serve a suspension, Lukewarm's career was jump started with matches against former partner Super Tito, the only FU-Pillow Fight against Bondage, and winning the Turn Table Belt at FU-Mania at the Interstate Center.  

Besides putting his body on the line everytime he wrestled and introducing us to innovative moves like the Heatwave and the Lukewarm Stunner, Lukewarm's best contribution to FUW was promoting four shows in Charleston, three of which drew excellent crowds who saw their hometown boy win a tournament and take down Zero in an excellent rivalry.  He competed in and won the last match held under the FUW banner--a total debacle and sorry excuse for wrestling against former DCW headliner "Sweet" Jimmy D.  

Currently the DJ resides in Charleston where he, what else, spins records at a night club and believe it or not, bowls a 200.  And that's the top of the line because DJ Lukewarm said so!






Click here to watch DJ Luke Warm tag up with Super Tito Guerrerro Jr take on Rythm and Funk.

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