Little Bitch Johnson


Little Bitch Johnson first entered the FUW at the side of his longtime companion, Violent JT.  But, like Herpes in a California bathhouse, he quickly moved on to other men.  At Halloween Hellfire '98, he aligned himself with Carlson Mann, becoming the first member of the Mann Family Empire, and was crowned the first Whatchamacallit Champion as a reward.  He lost that title to the Wifebeater at Death March '99, but would not be without gold for long.  Through the machinations of both Edwin and Stuart Mann, he would become the most unlikely Heavyweight Champion in FUW history, keeping the belt warm and safe until the Empire could recruit Entropy as their chosen champion.  After the Empire collapsed at Fallout, LBJ tried to re-align himself with his old flame, VJT, but his affections were scorned, and, broken-hearted, Little Bitch lapsed into retirement.


Click here to see Little Bitch take on Ric Bear.

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