Bondage began her FUW career and heartbreaking ways as a valet to Entropy during the July 1999 show in the Hastings parking lot.  Over time, it was revealed that Dr. Igor Itzelf created Bondage as the perfect mate to Entropy and that they were actually married.  The two of them lived happily, or so Entropy thought, until the Summer of 2000, when it was revealed that in real life, Bondage was actually Zero's girlfriend!  Bondage ditched Entropy to stand by her man's side, until better opportunities arose.  Bondage betrayed Zero in a match for the FUW title, allowing the Convict to steal the title from Zero.  Bondage joined the Fun Lovin Criminals and enjoyed a run of success at the Convict's side, including a run as tag-team champions.  Always wanting to move on to bigger and better opportunities, Bondage committed her final betrayal at FUW's last last-ever show, D2D5.  The night was set for Bondage and Entropy to renew their wedding vows, but Bondage ripped off her beautiful orange-mesh gown to reveal that she was now aligned with Disco Stu and the Mann family!  The circle completed itself, and Bondage retired happily, knowing that she had accomplished her goal of betraying every man who ever loved her.  Bondage now resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her robot-husband.


CLick here to watch Bondage take on her tag-team partner, The Convict

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