The FUW Icon Big Daddy

The Truest of Icons
By Seventeen Time World Champion Ric Bear

I'm going to ramble this column about one of FUW's biggest stars, Big Daddy. Mr. Daddy has been with the FUW since the very beginning. His hard work has shown through show after show. His abilities continue to improve, and his rapport with the fans is truly amazing. I give to you now the history of Big Daddy, and how he became the True FUW Icon.

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Big Daddy grew up poor. The specifics of his rough, early life are best left unsaid. Suffice to say Big Daddy did what he had to in order to survive. Unfortunately, during one of his encounters with law enforcement, Big Daddy snapped and began attacking everything and everyone around him. It took seven police officers with nightsticks to subdue the raging Daddy. He was incorrectly diagnosed as a psychopath and deemed unable to stand trial. Subsequently, he found himself shipped off to the legendary Arkham Asylum for rehabilitation.

During his short stay at Arkham, Daddy made a few friends, including Skitzo Johnny and Mad Dawg. The cadre commenced to break out and happened to catch a bus full of future FUW stars. After a small tryout for yours truly involving the bus driver, Big Daddy was on his way to compete for FUW gold.

Big Daddy got his big shot right away, wrestling in the first ever FUW world title match against Disco Stu. Daddy lost in what can only be described as a grueling contest. Big Daddy showed his fighting spirit, however, and didn't let one loss get him down. At the next big FUW show, he wrestled the title away from Stu to become the second FUW champion. Things looked good for Big Daddy, as one of his great dreams had already been achieved. Unfortunately hard times were on their way.

Daddy held the title through two more shows before losing it to Thee Anjel. It was a classic power versus speed match up that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Afterwards, he tried to help out his fellow Arkham members in their disputes. At Death March '99 he even managed to pick up a tag titles victory with partner Scar over the Targets of Christ. At Trouble in the Bubble, in the summer of '99, his team lost their titles to the FUW tag team legends Creation #4.

Daddy, distraught over his losses in such closely contested match ups, drifted for the next few months. Arkham disintegrated, as its members seemed to drop out of sight one by one. Daddy was soon left with nothing to fight for. He'd already won the two most prestigious titles FUW had to offer. It almost seemed like Big Daddy had lost his heart, and with it his fighting spirit.

At the depths of his wanderings, Big Daddy wound up as part of the notorious Goon Squad. The Hardcore Badass' group of thugs made use of Big Daddy as their enforcer. He was relegated to helping lesser wrestlers cheat to win. The crowds, who'd always been solidly behind Big Daddy in the past, turned on him. What's worse, it didn't seem like Big Daddy cared anymore. It was surely a tragedy for one of FUW's greatest stars. Things were about to change, however.

As early as Autumn Anarchy 2, Big Daddy seemed to tire of being a hired goon. He went up against XXX and his old nemesis Disco Stu in a three-way dance for the so-called hardcore porno belt. It was a bloody match up, with Disco and Daddy both shedding their precious life-juice. In the end, Big Daddy showed his old fighting spark and pinned Disco Stu for the belt. Afterwards he and Stu, long time rivals, showed each other respect in a classic shaking of hands.

The next month at High Stakes at Tri-Lakes, Big Daddy finally had enough of the Goon Squad. The Squad, at the behest of the Hardcore Badass, brutalized Zero's neck after a match between the two. They might've even ended Zero's career were it not for Big Daddy's interference. Later in the show Big Daddy had a return match against former porno champion XXX. Despite the match not playing to Big Daddy's power-move, tough-as-nails style, he managed to win the submissions-only contest by choking out XXX. Afterwards the Goon Squad got their revenge, beating Daddy down with a chair. Big Daddy was left bloody in the ring, but it was clear that his unquenchable fighting spirit had returned.

In the final chapter of Big Daddy saga thus far, he won the UBN title in a tournament at December to Dismember 3. After plowing his way through Scrubby the Janitor, he got a small bit of revenge on the Goon Squad by defeating the Hardcore Badass' personal protégé, Inkast. In the finals of the tournament, Big Daddy got one more taste of XXX. He again managed a clean victory against the pornographic one. Big Daddy had become the first FUW star to win every title the federation had to offer.

At this past show, Bad Ash Wednesday, Daddy successfully defended his new title against the young up-and-comer Brock Solid. The fans are again solidly behind this great wrestler and lover of Saturday morning cartoons. His power moves never fail to impress, and his technique never fails to surprise. Big Daddy stands alone as the only FUW member to have wrestled every event in FUW history. Perhaps no accolade, however, is more important than this: Big Daddy is simply great fun to watch compete. There is certainly no one more deserving of the title the True Icon.

FUW Wrestling Est. 1998

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