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12.11.10 December to Dismember 2 Highlight Reel in the F-You-Tube Page.

08.14.10 The Disco Stu Documentary: I will Survive

04.27.09 The Origin of the Steel Afro

04.17.08 The Personal Ninja's profile has been added to the FUW Alumni page

04.15.09 Disco Stu vs Mad Dawg in a Porn on a Pole Match

04.14.09 The Drunken Hey-Sues: In My Own Words

04.06.09 Results of the wrestleMania Confidence Pool

04.05.09 Kickin' Asphault Music Video originally produced for Illinois State University's TV-10 News

04.04.09 Hardcore Badass' shoot interview from 1999

04.03.09 Dre vs Skitzo Johnny from Trouble in the Bubble

04.03.09 F-U-Tube match SizzleChest vs Zero in a Hardcore Porno Match

01.22.09 SizzleChest gearing up for some armed forces action in the Where Are They Now section

01.17.09 Paul Brooks on the Morning Show

01.11.09 Find out why Ric Bear calls Big Daddy the true FUW icon

01.11.09 The Black Cat Jook Williams vs Point Blank Mark Andrews match added to F-U-Tube

01.11.09 Soundguy Paul Brooks Taco Bell Wedding added to the Where the F-U are They Now? section of the Reunion page.

01.11.09 A.M. Vision profile added to the alumni page

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