Thee Anjel is the King of the Floor

Thee Anjel has once again resurfaced in the new Gotham City of Chicago. This time not as the super-fly mysterious ninja we all knew and loved. He has moved from the center of the ring to the roll of promoter. Thee Anjel is the founder and promoter of the "Chicago Dance Crash" dance company. Founded in 2002 by Producing Director Mark Hackman, Chicago Dance Crash has engaged Chicagoland audiences with its unique fusion of styles both classic and contemporary; from ballet and capoeira to breakdance, acrobatics, and contemporary dance. The dance company has produced the extremely popular "Battle for the Belt" show and tournament. The show consists of one-on-one break dance matches leading through a tournament to crown a winner that is named "Keeper of the Floor" and presented with a gold championship belt.

The following is a quote from zevent.com

The Lakeshore Theater is thrilled to host the red-hot performance company Chicago Dance Crash as they present their high-octane dance-improv showdown- The KTF Championship. Combining the drive of competitive dance with the energy of audience-interactive late-night theatre, and the spectacle of sports entertainment, KTF is a no-holds-barred, one-of-a-kind experience. Chicago Dance Crash brings an eclectic arsenal of dance techniques to bear, from pop (breakdance, hip-hop, martial arts) to ballet, modern, and jazz, creating a vibe that the Chicago Sun Times aptly dubbed "confrontational classic." In a cutting-edge production that resembles a cross between American Idol, Saturday Night Live, and RAW is WAR, rivalries will reach a fever pitch when seasoned performers challenge for the title of 'Keeper of the Floor' and the gold-plated KTF championship belt. While CDC members will initially comprise the contestants, future challenges may be issued to other local dance companies to come on down and show what they're made of (Are you listening, Joffrey Ballet?).The show will provide exclusive, one-night-only performances that will shatter the illusions separating art, entertainment, and competition.

The following is a show review from the Chicago Tribune:

"Hackman and his motley crew take the bold step of redefining what constitutes concert dance. Here, it means whatever it takes to tell a conflict-laden story. But the focus remains on the possibilities of the body, enhanced by well-crafted movement and high production values, without relying on special effects… As the everyman/egomaniac narrator, (Adam) Doi maintains a harmless persona before unleashing his fierce acrobatic prowess."

-- Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune

Click on the video below to see the Dance Crash B-Boy Battle Royal Marz Volta Mix


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