Lil' Cat Dom Williams

As FUW continues to train it's next generation to take over the world, we visited The Black Cat Jook Williams to ask him about his experience of fatherhood. Here's what he had to say:

Some piece of trash comes to me and asks me to write this thing for
fuwwrestling.com. Says he wants to know where Jook Williams is these
days. I'm getting the damn back up, that's what I'm doing. Every
single day. More specifically, I'm sitting at the breakfast table,
buttering my toast with dairy-free Earth Balance spread, drinking my
french-pressed coffee, and looking into my beautiful bride's amazing
eyes. That's what I'm doing. Just like I predicted at FUW Fall Out
'99. That and training my 17-month-old son, Black Cat ][, the ways of
the ring. That kid can work a body part better than most 30 year
veterans. And that's a shoot.

Black Cat

PS: And, for the record,  I'm still the FUW World Heavyweight Champion.

Dominic in his debute match against The Shooter Carlson Mann
Dominic Williams squares off with his opponent
Dominic sets up his dad for the "cat's cradle"
"What ever you do son, don't trust VJT."

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