FUW's Trip to Wrestlemania Part 1

One of my favorite things about FUW was some of the many road trips I have been part of. I was privileged to see two Pillman Tribute Show, two TNA pay-per-views, and multiple ECW events. This last year, I traveled with the Hardcore Badass, Zero, and Zero's younger brother to witness WrestleMania 23 in person. As with all road trips, the adventure was in the journey, not just the destination.

To pass the time during the drive, Jimmy invented a game called "I'm Thinking of a Wrestlemania". This game is based on 20 questions, but the answer is always one of the first 23 Wrestlemania event. Questions could only have a "yes" or "no" answer. They ranged from "Was Hulk Hogan in the main event?" to "Did Triple H loose at this Wrestlemania?" We would continue to ask questions until one man was able to successfully determine what Wrestlemania was the host thinking of. The real challenging part was that throughout the entire weekend, the same question could never be asked twice. So once "was Hulk Hogan in the main event" was asked, it could never be asked again. Simple questions like "Was Donald Trump present at this Wrestlemanina" escalated to obscure references like "Did this Wrestlemania take place in a city that has more than one major league baseball team" or "Did this wrestlemania feature the Rougoe Brothers taking on Men on a Mission?" (all real questions that came up during the game).

When we arrived in Detroit, Hardcore Badass and Myself attended the Saturday Ring of Honor event. Besides witnessing Japan's Blood Generation vs Do Fixer, Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong, and a bloody cage match between Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Witmer, we also got the opportunity to drive through Detroit's famous 8-mile. It was an amazing experience to see such poverty in America. It seamed like every fourth house was burned to the ground and the city did not have the money to remove the debris. It felt like a war zone and it made me thankful that my own little ghetto was nothing more than the forgiving streets of Naperville. I had an strange feeling that while I was fearful for my safety, I also had an overwhelming curiosity to see with my own eye one of the most infamously dangerous neighborhoods in America. 

All in all, it was a great trip. I would never give up the chance to talk wrestling for over 48 hours with the minds of Hardcore Badass and Zero. And I will always be able to say that I have been to the showcase of the immortals.

-Looking forward to the reunion,


Zero, Hardcore Badass, Dre, and Zero's Brother
80,000 Wrestling Fans
Fans travel from all over the world to visit beautiful downtown Detroit
Proof that we are not the biggest nerds on the planet
T-Shirts sold for $25 each and Programs for $15
One of 8-miles' classiest joints, check out the marquee.
Jimmy and Mike in the Showcase of the Immortals

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