D2D:4 Show Review

The FUW returned with a bang on Saturday night.  The maximum capacity crowd at the Lizard’s Lounge was treated to an explosive event.  The show started with a video of Disco Stu and his buddies stealing The Shooter’s world championship belt.  Disco Stu then went on to sell his brother’s belt to a pawn shop.  The Shooter came out to confront his brother, Stu. At that point The Shooter was challenged by The Beer Man.  The two men wrestled until they both fell through a table.  The Shooter, luckily landed on top for the three count. 


Next, Bondage came out with her husband, Entropy.  Entropy said he was not up for the challenge and put DJ Luke Warm in his place.  DJ went on to beat Bondage with a pie in the face.  This prompted The Drake to come out and slammed the living shit out of Bondage.  The convict came to the rescue and challenged The Drake to a ladder match.


Violent JT then came to the ring to insult Dre.  They were both interrupted by a pizza delivery man.  The pizza guy laid Dre out with a horseshoe loaded pizza box.  The pizza man was Road Rage in a costume.  The two ghetto kings battled it out until Road Rage put Dre in a Boston crab with a ladder squeezed in between them.  Dre passed out from the pain.


Next, Jodi took out her man-hating rage on The Metalhead.  She destroyed the young man with a sick power bomb.  The Metalhead was lucky to walk out alive.


After the intermission, The former tag team champions battled it out.  Mr. Viscillio scored a victory over his old friend The Inkast.  The Hardcore Badass was very pleased. 


Super Tito Guerrero Jr. then challenged Big Daddy for his What-cha-ma-call-it belt.  This quickly turned into a three way dance when the Hardcore Badass got involved.  The two men quickly eliminated The Badass.  Tito was then able to get the three count and win the What-cha-ma-call-it Belt and rename it “The Chico Santana Memorial Title”.


The Main event was an explosive ladder match for the tag team championship.  The Convict and The Drake went toe-to-toe, exchanging blows back and forth.  The drake had the match in his hands after hitting a triple jump moonsault off of a ladder, but he made the fatal mistake of showboating before he pulled down the belts.  The Convict was able to make a comeback and hit the Jailhouse Rock off the ladder.  The Convict and Bondage climbed the ladder and pulled down the tag team championships.

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