Entropy Invades England

Once upon a time, not too long after hanging up his infamous wrestling
singlet and tassles, Entropy came to an important realization.
Without FUW, the Ironman matches, the Affies, The Windjammer, or any
of the other amazing activities FUW brought into his life, he was at
something of a loss.  Once his political campaign job ended with the
defeat of Bob Backlund at the hands of President-elect Georg
Hackenschmidt, he found himself unemployed, uninvolved, and wandering
the lonely streets of Nightmare, Alaska.  He found work tormenting the
town's commuters with parking tickets, but it still somehow did not
feel fulfilling enough.  After hearing about an opportunity to travel
to England and study criminology/wrestlingology, he jumped at the
chance.  Then he dropped out of third person to make the story a
little more understandable.

ISU and the University of Leicester (about 90 minutes North of London,
home to the highest per capita population of Indian people in the
United Kingdom [mostly kicked out of Uganda by dictator Idi Amin in
the 1970s {as seen in the film "The Last King of Scotland" <starring
Forrest Whittaker in an Oscar-winning performance as Ugandan Dictator
Idi Amin>}]) agreed to waive tuition to encourage more ISU students to
study abroad at the University of Leicester.  All this, despite the
fact that graduate students are not allowed to study abroad, a fact
they crucially neglected to mention to me before I flew to England.
But once I got there, my wrestling promo skills served me well, and I
talked my way into being enrolled at the University of Leicester
anyway.  I had one of the most fulfilling years of my life there; I
confirmed that I love academia, that English women are far more likely
to grab your ass in a club than are American women, and that it is
stupid to pay $120 a month for dial-up Internet access.  I know this
was supposed to be one paragraph, and I swear I am trying.  But I have
to also mention that during my year there, I even managed to work in a
second study abroad trip to Russia, before I was even done with the
first trip, and finally got to live my dream of hanging out in a
maximum security Russian prison, and completely unsafely firing a
pistol in a dank militia basement.


All in all, that year contained some of the most amazing times I have ever
had, outside of FUW obviously.  Once I got back, I finished a master's
degree in Criminal Justice Sciences, winning actual awards (THAT PAID
MONEY!) for my research as well as a college-level writing award, and
just recently finished up a boatload of applications for doctoral
programs all over the country.  Let me see if I can be the second-most
overeducated person in FUW after Dr. Convict.  If I do not get
horribly rejected from all these schools, the future may, may indeed,
truly hold ... DOCTOR ENTROPY.  The addition of "Dr." to his name
alone will boost his strength and endurance 20%, and it being an
actual accurate appellation may further magnify its intensity.  Time
will tell.


Did Entropy build Stonehenge?


Or did Stonehenge build Entropy?


This spice girl could possible be one of the ass grabbing Brits.


Yes, you can really order faggots at the deli in the U.K..


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