Sweet Jimmy D.

The Hardcore Badass could tell all about his desk job, but that would bore you to tears.  In fact, he's crying right now just thinking about it.  So it'd be much better if the one thing that this Toughtown native truly lived and died by was discussed here:  Wrestling. 

Despite retiring from the ring after D2D5 at the Interstate Center, Hardcore didn't retire from the business.  His ring announcing and commentating career began way back in October 2001 for Midstate Pro Wrestling, run by Big Daddy in Bloomington.  From there he's worked in prestigous and glorious big cities that everyone aspires to work in such as La Salle, Berwyn, Danville, Buckley, Watseka, Highwood, Willowbrook, Streamwood, Coal City, Medinah, Schiller Park, Midlothian, Villa Grove, and Kenosha, WI (Yay Clepto). 

Some names you may recognize that Hardcore (now Sweet Jimmy D.) has introduced include Tito Santana, Reckless Youth (you know, the guy whose balls Zero was grasping onto back in 2000), Jerry Lynn, Rhyno, Billy Kidman, Zach Gowen, Spike Dudley, Al Snow, Headbanger Mosh, Shark Boy (Yay Juke), Tracy Smothers, Austin (Starr) Aries, Billy Gunn, Mad Dog Vachon, The Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Amazing Kong, Ace Steel, Christian York, Joey Mercury, Rain (TNA's Payton Banks), ODB, Wild Bill, "Primal Instinct" Kurt Rigsby, AM Vishon, J.J. Drake and "Roughneck" Jay Ryan. 

Hardcore's ultimate goal with his announcing is WWE asking him to work one house show because it wasn't worth flying Lillian Garcia or Justin Roberts in for it.


Sweet Jimmy D. rocking a tux


Interviewing Derick St. Holmes


Sweet Jimmy D. is the only man powerful enough to protect Derick St. Holmes from Eric Priest


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