Don't Get Pulled Over in Springfield

After winning the F.U.W. championship, Roadrage had a
bit too much time on his hands. In other words it was
time to grow-up....Rage and Jodi had been together for
some time and were planning to get married. School was
not working out for Rage and he decide to fall back on
his childhood dream and become a POLICE OFFICER. After
about a year, Rage was hired by the Springfield Police
Dept in 2004. He attended the Illinios State Police
Academy for 12 weeks, the training was hard but
nothing this F.U.W. veteran couldn"t handle...Rage and
Jodi were married in 2005 and bought a house
together.... Jodi is working for the Post Office as a
Postal Carrier....They have 6 children...2 dogs and 4
cats.....Rage needed a hobby so he took up DUCK
HUNTING....Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion......



Officer Steve Alicea chilling out at headquarters


Halloween wouldn't be the same without one of Steve's Characters


Duck Hunt

Eamil Steve at chinook692@yahoo.com

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